Zlatko Temelkovski, Jasminka Nanceva, Milan Samardziski, Andrea Nanceva, Alan Andonovski


Introduction: Intracapsular and Para-articular chondroma is a rare variant of the extraskeletal chondromas. It arises from the capsule and/or the para-articular connective tissue of the large joints (mostly the knee) and is a result of cartilaginous metaplasia. In the course of time these tumors ossify and this is where their second name comes from: Para-articular osteochondromas. Case reports: We report six new cases of para-articular chondroma of the knee. On physical examination there was slow-growing solid mass in the knee and moderate pain. The radiological findings and CT scan show soft-tissue mass with variable amount of ossification, and on histological examination the presence of mature hyaline and connective cartilage was confirmed in all of the cases. Conclusion: The diagnosis of these benign tumors is made with correlation of clinical, radiological and histological features. Treatment of choice is surgical excision.


Para-articular, Chondroma, Osteochondroma, Knee

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