Bulent Karslioglu, Yusuf Erdem, Ali Cagri Tekin, Esra Tekin, Servet Tunay


Introduction: Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are the most common type of injury among knee ligament injuries. Despite the high success rates at ligament reconstruction with arthroscopic techniques, efforts for choosing the best grafts and fixation materials and appropriate post-operative rehabilitation are still ongoing. Materials and Methods: Between January 2007 and December 2010, 105 patients who underwent arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using autogenous hamstring tendons were included in our study. The mean follow-up time was 16.3 months (7-46 months). The patients were evaluated according to physical examination findings like Lachman tests, Pivot-Shift, anterior drawer tests, thigh circumference measurement and clinical scores like Lysholm, IKDC score and VAS scores. Results: All patients underwent arthroscopy using standard arthroscopy portals. The residues of the ACL were cleaned and notchplasty was performed, and the semitendinosus and grasilis tendons were placed with transtibial technique in accordance with the trace of the natural ACL.

Preoperatively, the Lysholm score was 56.16 ± 17.4 and postoperatively, the score was 90.16 ± 6.6 and the result was statistically significant. Lachman was found to be 86.7% negative, pivot shift was 100% negative and the anterior drawer test was 95.2% negative. Preoperative VAS was 6.28 ± 1.9 and postoperative VAS was 3.41 ± 1.2. According to the IKDC score, 4,8% of the patients were A, 41% B, 41,9% C and 12,4% D groups, 54,8% of the patients in the postoperative evaluation. A, 36.2% B, 8.6% C and 1% D groups. 12% of the patients felt numbness around the graft site. No other complication was observed. Conclusion: When ACL surgery with hamstring tendons is performed with appropriate surgical technique, satisfactory results are obtained. Anterior knee pain and patella-related complications are frequently seen at patellar tendon grafts. This problem can be a reason for the preference of hamstring tendons in ACL repairs.


anterior cruciate; reconstruction; hamstring

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