Lokman Kehribar, Levent Karapinar


Introduction: In this retrospective study, it was aimed to evaluate the correlation between operative treatment results and clinical and radiological findings of tibial plateau fractures.

Patients and Methods: Between 1996 and 2006, 33 knees were operated for tibia plateau fracture of 32 patients. 29 patients were male and 3 were female. Only 3 cases (9.99%) were open tibial plateau fractures. The mean age was 45 years. Fractures classified using the Schatzker classification were: 17 (52%) type 1, 12 (12%) type 2, 9 (27%) type 5 and 6 (9%) type 6. Patients following the period were at least 44 weeks and maximum 480 weeks (mean 60 weeks).

Results: The results of 33 patients were determined by the clinical and radiological system of Rasmussen. According to clinical findings, 17 cases were excellent, 9 were good, 6 were medium and 1 was poor. According to the radiological findings, 9 cases were excellent, 16 were good, 6 were medium and 2 were bad. The difference between clinical and radiological findings was analyzed with Pearson core analysis and statistically significant (p <0.005). Comparison was made according to the time between injury and operation and no statistically significant difference was found (p> 0.005). The analyzes of the grade of fracture and the degree of fracture were statistically significant (p <0.005). 42.4% of all patients had meniscus injury. Therefore, arthroscopy should be used with surgery.

Conclusion: Anatomic reduction, rigid fixation of the joint and early mobilization can reduce complications and improve the function of the knee joint in tibial plateau fractures.


tibial plateau fracture, anatomic fixation, Rasmussen Score

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