Fazil Kulakli, Erdem Cayli, Sevgi Kulakli, Isil Deniz Oguz, Canan Celik, Mustafa Turgut Yildizgoren


Objective: This study aims to determine the clinical, laboratory, and ultrasonographic findings of giant cell arteritis in patients with Herpes Zoster.

Methods: The study included 36 consecutive patients (median age 59.0 years; range 19 to 76 years) who were admitted to the Dermatology Outpatient Clinic with the diagnosis of Herpes Zoster. Demographic and clinical features of the patients were recorded. The presence of ultrasonographic characteristics of giant cell arteritis such as halo sign, compression sign, occlusion, and stenosis was also recorded using ultrasound. The patients were evaluated at baseline and 6months.

Results: A total of 36 patients were assessed. 4 patients had jaw claudication (11.1%), 5 patients had scalp tenderness (13.9%), 11 patients had a new-onset headache (30.6%) and, 23 patients had post-herpetic neuralgia (63.9%). No patients had elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate and ultrasonographic findings of Giant cell arteritis.

Conclusion: Our data show that a small proportion of patients with Herpes Zoster may have clinical findings suggesting Giant cell arteritis. However, they do not have elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate and sonographic findings of Giant cell arteritis.


Giant-cell arteritis; Herpes zoster; Vasculitis

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