Ensar Durmus, Fatih Guneysu


Aim: It is aimed to examine the status and demographic characteristics of COVID-19 Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) positive staff working in the hospital during the pandemic period.

Material and methods: This is retrospective, descriptive research. All hospital personnel working at Sakarya Training and Research Hospital and tested positive for COVID-19 RT-PCR between 01/11/2020-30/11/2020 were included in the study. 

Results: During the study period, the number of hospital staff who tested positive for COVID-19 RT-PCR was 340 people. Of the personnel, 228 (67.1%) were female, the mean age of all healthcare workers was 32.7 (±8.3) years. The number of non-physician healthcare workers was 162 (47.6%), workers were 143 (42.1%), and physicians were 35 (10.3%). Among all hospital personnel, the COVID-19 RT-PCR test was positive in emergency room workers, with a maximum of 61 people (17.9%). It was followed by 43 (12.6%) people working in non-COVID clean wards.

Conclusions:  It would be beneficial for all staff working in the hospital during the pandemic to pay attention to apply personal protective equipment during their work, notwithstanding whether the COVID-19 patient is caring or not. Simultaneously, healthcare professionals should be careful about COVID-19 transmission in their social life outside of the hospital.


COVID-19,healthcare workers, emergency service

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