Mirela Marinova-Takorova, Radostina Anastasova, Vladimir Panov


Background: Bleaching has gradually became a popular procedure for people searching for aesthetic improvement. The aim of this in vitro study was to investigate the effect of bleaching with 45% carbamide peroxide on the level of mineralization of enamel, using laser fluorescence.

Materials and methods: Sixty extracted human teeth were treated with 45% carbamid peroxide (Opalescence, Ultradent), 4 consecutive days for one hour each day. The effect of the bleaching agent on the level of mineralization of enamel was measured with DIAGNO dent pen. The statistical method we use was descriptive analysis.

Results: The average values, measured before the applications of the carbamid peroxide were 6.33. On the first day they were 5.41, on the second 5.38, on the third  5.11 and 5.35 on the forth.

Conclusion: There was observed a slight remineralization effect due to the incorporated Ca2+  and F-  ions in the bleaching agent that we have used.

Key words: bleaching, DIAGNO den pent, carbamide peroxide


bleaching, DIAGNOdent, carbamide peroxide

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