Mikhail Karganov, Erika Eskina, Maria Stepanova


The method of laser correlation spectroscopy (LCS) is based on the analysis of the spectrum of quasielastic light scatter during coherent monochromatic laser irradiation of micro-particles in biological fluids (blood serum, urine, oropharyngeal washout fluid, tear fluid etc.). Spectrum provides information on dynamic processes in the analyzed system: translation motion of scattering particles and their orientation and conformation dynamics. Special procedures of cluster analysis make it possible to find out to which linkage group a particular spectrum belongs. LCS allows evaluation of sub-fractional composition of biological fluids in a wide range of molecular sizes (from 1 to 10,000 nm), which determines principal novelty of this approach in ophthalmology.


laser correlation spectroscopy; tear fluid; contact lenses; the cornea; PRK; Trans PRK

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